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Business Valuation Services

Denver BVFLS provides business valuation consulting services to private businesses for divorce, succession, and commercial litigation. Our firm offers personal attention and depth of experience that each client expects and deserves, and delivers the right approach for business owners, business executives, attorneys, accountants, and others.

Whether you want to buy a business, sell a business, or just want to know what your business is worth, it’s essential to obtain an objective, professionally-prepared business valuation in order to meet your goals. Our comprehensive approach to valuing businesses and business interests includes performing an in-depth analysis of your business and applying recognized valuation techniques and other relevant market data in order to prepare an accurate and defensible business valuation report. Our market experience, combined with our deep understanding of valuation theory and recognized valuation methods, will give you an accurate and supportable appraisal.

When it comes to business valuation services, not all firms are alike. At Denver BVFLS, we have the experience, certifications and the understanding of the current market for selling a business to provide an accurate determination of the value of your business. We provide so much more, including the level of service you require – and deserve, ranging from informal calculations to full appraisal reports.

If you would like to learn what the value of your company is for tax purposes, litigations purposes, transaction purposes or other planning purposes, let us know. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Your Business Valuation Is For

We offer an array of services to determine business valuations. Your company may use this valuable information for various purposes, including the following:

  • Buy or Sell Agreements
  • Economic Damages
  • Estate and Gift Tax Reporting
  • Estate Planning
  • Expert Testimony
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Litigation Support
  • Marital Dissolutions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Purchase Price Allocation and Goodwill Impairment
  • Shareholder Buyouts, Disputes, and Dissolutions
  • Valuation Discounts

Up to Standards

Our business valuations are prepared in accordance with the standards promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Forensic Accounting

What is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accounting is the investigation of fraud or financial manipulation by performing an extremely detailed research and analysis of financial information that can be used to support a case in a court of law.  Denver BVFLS offers access to forensic accountants who utilize accounting, auditing and investigative skills to look beyond the numbers to determine what is actually happening within a given situation.

Hiring a Forensic Accountant

Fraud is an act or omission where an individual(s) knowingly or recklessly misleads or attempts to mislead a party for the purpose of obtaining a financial or other benefit.  Fraud is a threat to businesses and the general public. As the business world grows more complex, the number of fraud and other associated business issues grows with it, and forensic accounting is gaining a well-deserved reputation as a useful instrument for litigators and business people. We offer a great deal of experience in this field and are able to respond immediately to changing business situations.


  • Fraud investigations
  • Financial theft / embezzlement (customers, employees, or outsiders)
  • Financial modeling
  • Tax evasion or fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Bankruptcy
  • Defaulting on debt
  • Corporate valuation disputes

The professionals at Denver BVFLS possess an array of skills, knowledge, experience, education, and training necessary to identify fraud risks and gauge internal controls focused on detecting and mitigating fraud. If sufficient suspicion exists of fraud loss, we are set to provide discreet and timely investigations into the suspected fraud and accounting inconsistencies.

Litigation Support Services

The economic damages experts at Denver BVFLS are technically proficient and analyze issues with an independent perspective. Our professionals are committed to the principals of integrity and objectivity, and are highly skilled at distilling and presenting the information in a clear and concise way, so that judges and juries can understand.


Our economic damages experts offer reliable and easy to understand consulting services and expert witness services in a wide variety of litigation matters such as:

  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
  • Wrongful Termination and other Employment Matters
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Economic damages (various types of lawsuits to recover damages)
  • Marital Dissolution (Divorce) or Partnership Dissolution
  • Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Insurance Claims
  • Business Interruption or Destruction

We use our training in economics, finance, accounting, and real-world business experience to provide objective litigation support and persuasive expert witness testimony in court proceedings, arbitrations, and mediations.  We can simply consult with your attorney, although we are typically called upon to provide a written report, develop exhibits and/or rebut the opposing side’s economic expert’s report. 


Processing Requests

We deliver accurate and court-ready records in easy-to-access formats, including hard copy, electronic, or uploaded on a site. Our team always works around your deadlines and provide a professional and efficient service.

Time-critical requests and those requiring immediate response are tended to promptly. We also don’t add miscellaneous fees. You just have to pay for the basic charge, document fee, scan and upload fee, and postage.

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